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If you're looking for a wedding officiant in Los Angeles, consider the services of Young Hip and Married. We provide officiant services for funny weddings, same-sex weddings, small weddings, and every other kind of secular wedding you can imagine. When you choose Young Hip and Married to lead your wedding ceremony, we'll take the time to get to know both of you as individuals and as a couple, and we'll unforgettably present your story as if we've known you personally for years. Our services are never tacky, we don't use copy and paste scripts, and our goal is to eradicate boring wedding ceremonies from the face of the earth. 

What is a Secular Wedding? 

Young Hip and Married happily conducts all kinds of secular weddings. Maybe you're wondering, "Does a secular ceremony mean there can be no mention of God?" Not at all! It depends entirely on the wishes of the couple. At a secular ceremony, while there may be some religious elements involved, the primary message usually focuses on the couple getting hitched, their relationship, their love, and the sharing of unique anecdotes about the couple. These are the types of weddings we can officiate for you.

We Get to Know You Before Your Big Day

We take the time to get to know our clients. Thus, we're able to guarantee a personal touch. Nobody wants an officiant who appears to your guests as some random person you hired out of a phone book. It should be apparent to your guests that your officiant has taken the time to get to know you and that they have taken the time to create a ceremony based on the two of you. Your guests know you, and they're going to be able to tell if your officiant and his/her script is an authentic representation of the two of you or a stock cut and paste script. So how do you choose the right person to conduct your ceremony?

Decide Which Kind of Wedding Ceremony You Want to Have

There are a couple of things you should consider before choosing and getting to know a wedding officiant. First, you should decide which kind of ceremony you want to have. This could be a religious ceremony, a secular ceremony, or an inter-faith ceremony. Religious and inter-faith ceremonies are often best performed within the places of worship attended by the couple, and these ceremonies are usually conducted by the religious leaders of said places of worship.

Select a Venue

Once you've decided which kind of ceremony you want to have, you will then have to choose your venue. Your officiant can help you with this. Whether your ideal venue is more traditional or somewhere a bit more quirky, such as a golf club, your favorite restaurant, or anything that would be considered uncommon, Young Hip and Married can help you select the best place and make all of the needed arrangements.

Contact Us 

Once You've decided what kind of ceremony you want to have and where it will take place, find your officiant.  As you search for the best wedding officiant in Los Angeles, contact us.  Young Hip & Married is proud to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our services, and if at any time you change your mind about hiring us, you can cancel the contract with no charge.  You have nothing to lose.

Wedding Officiant In Los Angeles
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